About the foundation

Dag S. Stiansen Stiftelse (an animal welfare foundation) was established by Dag S. Stiansen, owner of the Norwegian real estate company Stiansen Eiendom AS, on March 24th 2013. The purpose of the Foundation is to protect and safeguard animals.

The Foundation will through the Stiansen Award and donations support individuals, projects and organizations who promote the purpose of the foundation. The yearly grant amount is around 500 000 NOK. The Foundation accepts both national and international contributions.

Dag S. Stiansen Stiftelse was established to administer the ownership of the Stiansen Eiendom companies when the owner passes away. The Foundation will administer the family assets in the best possible manner for future generations, and contribute to social beneficial purposes through its work for animal rights.


Dag S. Stiansen is son of entrepreneur Nils S. Stiansen, who established Stiansen Eiendomsforvaltning in 1936. The company is today called Stiansen Eiendom and possesses many real estate properties in Oslo – the capital of Norway. Stiansen Eiendom is mainly engaged in administering apartments, parking lots and commercial property.

Dag S. and Trine Stiansen have for a long time had a strong commitment to animals. Dag S. Stiansen has always had one or more animals by his side, and together Dag and Trine are engaged in professional horse breeding through the company Tailormade Horses APS in Denmark.

Ever since Dag S. Stiansen’s will of 1986, Dag S. Stiansen has wanted to establish a foundation to secure the continued management of the assets from his father – Nils S. Stiansen. Dag S. Stiansens Stiftelse therefore unites Dag’s wish to secure the continued management of the family’s assets, and his wish to help suffering animals.

Statutes of the Foundation

The Statutes of the Foundation can be downloaded from the Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority’s web site here (Norwegian version only)

The Board of the Foundation

The board of the foundation consists of September 2022 by the following members:

Dag S. Stiansen
Terje Pedersen
Trine Hillmann Stiansen